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In a completely disturbing article in today’s National Review, Attorney David French chronicles how U.S. troops are made to look the other way while Muslim men rape young boys. Even though our troops could protect these little ones they are forbidden because raping little boys is part of the “honor” culture  – and because we as Americans have lost our Christian footing whereby Christ commands us to protect the least among us.

It’s not an open secret, because no one makes any effort to hide it. Men drape themselves around preteen boys, brag about the beauty of their young sex slaves, and abuse them so systematically and thoroughly that these boys often grow up without even realizing there is an alternative to their homosexual experience.

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/424391/afghanistan-child-rape-american-troops

So why do they do it?   For two reasons.

First, as Dr. Nabell Qureshi, a former devout Muslim explains, one’s religious doctriines have consequences.  And in Islam the doctrine of Allah holds that Allah is a demanding deity removed from his creation who commands obedience for those who follow him and destruction for those that don’t.  Contrast with the Christian God Who commands love for neighbor and even enemy.  Such a stern doctrine of god has the following consequences:  it sets a stern example to be emulated; it promotes a male power structure that cannot be questioned and it creates an underclass (i.e. women and children) who must be subject to the male, just as the male is subject to this vindictive deity.

Second, the prophet Mohammad, whom the Quran (33:21) says is an “excellent pattern” to follow, married a six year old girl and began having sex with her when she was only nine.  That is why no Muslim country in the world has a law against raping children – because it would contradict the “excellent pattern” of the very prophet of Allah.

So a Muslim President (perish the very thought!) would not be able to enforce the laws of the United States with regard to the saftey of our children.  If he were to do so, he would undercut the very thing that made him a Muslim – belief in the Quran and Mohammad – and that is not possible.