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Yesterday I posted 5 Reasons a Muslim Can Never Be President of the U.S.  That caused a Muslim visitor (I presume they are Muslim) to question my use of Quran 5:33 which says that people who don’t believe in Islam should have their hands and feet cut off.  The objection given was that “mischief” applies only to criminals.  (I guess in Islam its ok to mutilate criminals.  It’s all part of the “religion of peace” thing.)

But the phrase “mischief in the land” actually applies to those who do not believe in Islam.  So a Muslim could never be President of the U.S. because he would have to cut the hands and feet off 300 million non-Muslims.

If you want to verify this claim, please feel free to do so.   Sunni Islam comprises over 85% of the world’s Muslims and one of their authoritative texts, Tafsir Ibn Kathir.  This tafsir says the following:

Their mischief is disobeying Allah, because whoever disobeys Allah on the earth, or commands that Allah be disobeyed, he has committed mischief on the earth.

Maybe whitemagicknives can offer some justification for their claim.